Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Why should I consider having the miraDry treatment?

miraDry is about:

> Feeling confident that your favorite silk blouse won’t show wet marks, giving away that you might be anxious or nervous, uncomfortable or just too warm on that special date.

> Knowing that your trademark black dress will stay clean and free of chalky white antiperspirant marks.

> Being confident standing in front of the big boss—ready to present your breakthrough idea knowing your shirt won’t show wet marks when you take off your suit jacket.

> Feeling carefree enough to head out with the team after work knowing you won’t look or smell like you’ve had the toughest day of the week.
> Taking the bothersome issues that come from underarm sweat out of your daily life, leaving you clean, confident, and carefree.
 Feeling clean all day long.

How long does the treatment take?

miraDry takes less than an hour to perform. Two procedures, spaced 3 months apart is standard protocol. This gives maximal AND permanent sweat reduction.

How painful is miraDry treatment?

This treatment is well tolerated by patients.  Pain is minimal as we use a local anaesthetic. During the procedure you may feel some ‘hot spots’ that last a few seconds.
What happens after the miraDry procedure?

You can get back to activities within 24 hours of miraDry. We recommend you ice the area for 10 minutes every hour for the remainder for the treatment day. Specialists recommend you refrain from heavy exercises for 72 hours post procedure.
When should I notice a difference in underarm sweating?

Most patients will notice a marked reduction in underarm sweating within 1-2 days of the miraDry procedure.
Are miraDry results long lasting?

Yes, miraDry, unlike sweat stopping treatments injections can be considered as PERMANENT. This is because your sweat glands are markedly and permanently reduced, and do not regenerate after miraDry. Sweat stopping treatments works by temporarily reducing the signal to sweat.
How many sessions do I require?

You can see results after 1 treatment, however, as with any aesthetic treatment, multiple treatments may be needed to achieve desired results. 80% of people experience at least 80% sweat reduction and are satisfied with their results.
How much is the miraDry treatment?

Book a consultation and we will explain the entire treatment program, 2 treatments spaced 3 months apart. This is not covered by Medicare nor is it covered by private health insurance.
Is miraDry underarm treatment safe?

Yes. Unlike synthetic sweat stopping treatments, miraDry uses electromagnetic energy to precisely target your sweat glands, reducing them for good.

This treatment has been approved for use by Australia’s TGA, the US FDA and in Europe.
If I have had sweat stopping treatments injections for underarm sweating, how different is the miraDry experience?

Very. miraDry gives patients a more natural method of sweat reduction. Both treatments work extremely well to reduce or even eliminate underarm sweating, however with miraDry, sweat reduction is markedly reduced, unlike the ‘turn off the tap effect of sweat stopping treatments.’ Additionally with miraDry, patients will not be paranoid as to when their sweating will return. This is because the treatment has a PERMANENT reduction in sweating.
Specialist viewpoint on miraDry treatment

miraDry is a new era for the treatment of underarm sweating. It is the safest and best method to reduce sweaty underarms- permanently. Along with sweat stopping treatments injections it gives Specialists another avenue to manage axillary hyperhidrosis. 

The experience from miraDry compared to other sweat stopping treatments is different; with miraDry, most patients will notice a reduction of sweating within 1-2 days of the procedure. Remember 2 procedures are standardised for best outcomes. miraDry takes an abnormally profuse sweater to a normal person- one who still sweats during heavy exercise, or on hot days. Sweat stopping treatments is much like a tap-‘its on, then its off, then its on again.’ If anything sweat stopping treatments works too well, however patients are often anxious as to when their sweating will return again. With miraDry, the anticipation is not there as patients experience a "normal pattern of sweating" - for life!